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Travel Health Appointments

About Appointments

No matter where your destination is or what type of trip you are taking, there are benefits to discussing your trip with our team of pharmacists and nurses knowledgeable in travel health. At your appointment, you will receive personalized education, risk evaluation and recommendations designed to keep you safe and healthy on your trip.

    Common topics at the appointment include:

  • Methods to prevent and/or treat traveller’s diarrhea
  • Evaluating which vaccines are required and/or recommended for your trip
  • Determining risk of malaria and if antimalarial medications are required
  • Answering any specific questions you might have

The initial evaluation takes approximately 15-20 minutes.  Any vaccines can be administered immediately afterwards or can be scheduled to be done at another time if preferred. A prescription for any medications can be supplied at the appointment as well.

Booking An Appointment

Book an appointment at the SAIT Health Clinic by phoning 403-284-8666.
Once you book your appointment, fill out the online form below. When you complete the form, a bar code will be generated. Save this bar code on your phone or print it off. It will be scanned in at your appointment.

When should I book my appointment?

The ideal time to book your appointment is between 4 and 8 weeks prior to travel.  Having the appointment this far in advance give us time to schedule any series of vaccines needed prior to travel. However, there is still benefit in making an appointment even if you are leaving in a few days.  We can often accommodate appointments on short notice.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Your bar code from the form filled out above
  • Your travel itinerary
  • Your current immunization records
  • A list of your current medications
  • A list of any travel health questions you may have for us

How much does a travel health consultation cost?

The fee for the travel health appointment is $35 per person. The cost of any vaccinations or medications is not included in this fee. Costs of vaccines and medications will be explained at the appointment. Visa and Mastercard are accepted for payment.