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Immunizations for Placements

Your chosen program of study includes placements as an essential component of your program. Most placement sites require students to demonstrate updated immunization status prior to attending your placement. In order to protect yourself and the patients you will be interacting with during your placement, you are required to have your immunization records reviewed and updated by a health care professional. Failure to do so could jeopardize your ability to complete the placement portion of the program. The receiving placement site has the right to refuse the students who cannot prove they have met all the required immunizations. All students must be seen for an initial consultation regardless of whether you have completed your immunizations.

Booking An Appointment

Book an appointment at the SAIT Health Clinic by phoning 403-284-8666. Once you book your appointment, fill out the online form below. Once the form is completed, a bar code will be generated. Save this bar code on your phone or print it off. It will be scanned in at your appointment.

What to bring to your appointment

Bring any childhood and adult immunization records and provincial health care number (if applicable). Bring in a copy of your bar code as indicated above.

Where to find your immunization records

Check with your parents to see if they have your records. If they don’t, contact the public health unit connected to the municipality you grew up in.

Additionally, contact your physician’s office, travel clinic, pharmacy or wherever you may have had any immunizations done. 

What to do if your records are not located in Canada

Check with your family, physician, public health unit, or school in your country of origin. If you immigrated to Canada as a child, Immigration Canada requires an immunization record signed from a physician in your country. Ask your parents if they have a copy of the form. If you cannot locate any records, we can still accommodate, but it will almost certainly require going for lab work and getting immunizations

The appointment

Our team of pharmacists and nurses will review your immunization records and complete a faculty immunization clearance form with you. You may need to come to an additional appointment to follow up, depending on your immunization history and blood work.


There are fees associated with having your immunization records evaluated. A fee of $50 CAD is charged at your initial appointment for the immunization evaluation. If other vaccines need to be given, there will be additional charges. These charges will be explained at the appointment.